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Vesna Milanoska

Vesna Milanoska

I was born in a beautiful not so big town called Prilep, in the south-west of Macedonia, now North Macedonia.  I was one of my old teacher’s favourite pupil because I was always the first one to register for reciting, or singing, or organizing everyone for an event- somehow, I felt more secure to do things myself, rather than leave it to someone else to mess things up!

I was lucky enough to be in a class where English was the foreign language to be studied, as at that time you couldn’t choose which language you wanted to study. By chance, you would be registered in a class to study either English, or French, or Russian, everyone with their own luck.

My parents encouraged me, my only responsibility was to study and educate myself, as in my family, education came first, and everything else could wait.

My father travelled a lot, as a result of the nature of his job, and I was always so envious of him.

And, so, for a reason or not, English language, education and travelling became an inseparable part of who I am.

After graduating from the gymnasium in my native town, my choice for studying at the Faculty of Philology in Skopje came as naturally as it could be- you guess, I studied English language and literature. I am grateful for the choice I made to my English language teacher at the gymnasium, who inspired and motivated me as no one else before. I hope I do the same to my students, honestly. 

While I was studying at university, I spent some six months in England, which was the most exciting, and at the same time the most useful experience in my life up till then. To study a foreign language in a country where that language is the official one,is the best thing that can happen to a future language teacher who is supposed to transfer that language to others through the process of education.

So, from one side of the classroom desks, I came to the other side, with the registry book in my hands, and with lots of fear and insecurity in my head, only a few years older than my first students in the secondary school. And I never regretted it. And I never wished to have chosen any other job.

I read whenever I have the time. I love the moments I have only for myself to contemplate, and reflect on where I am, why I am here, if I am happy this way, if I would be happier somewhere else… 

I love my friends, and I love coffee, and I love my family- they have been my rock, my support and encouragement always.

Travelling is still and always will be my passion, and whenever I have a possibility, time, and money, of course, I set off on a journey. Far away or close by, it doesn’t matter.  What matters is to see that there is a different world out there, that people speak differently, that they eat different food, believe in different things, party differently, and other things make them happy. And all those different things make you wealthier, with one more experience, or with a friend or two.

The EU Erasmus programme opens infinite opportunities for education, exchange of experiences, making friends, picking up a foreign language, and besides all this, for travelling. So, who wouldn’t want to take part in an Erasmus project? Yes, it takes a lot of effort, hard work and time, but the benefits are invaluable and last for a lifetime! So, long live Erasmus !