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How it all began?

Our secondary school is a vocational one, and our objective is to prepare our students for the job market. Our job is to trace the road, to teach skills they will need once they leave the classroom to find their place in the real, big world. We’ve set ourselves a goal the moment we became teachers, that we will do our best to prepare the youngsters to be competitive on the job market, in the country and abroad.

On the way, we realized that we teach them the hard skills, like speaking a foreign language, marketing, accounting, finance, or legal skills, and after working for many years, my colleague Hristina and I realized that they are doing quite well with all this, but having worked closely  with them, we also noticed they lack the soft skills, collaboration and team work, adaptability and time management,  problem-solving, work ethic, and empathy, and this became a stepping stone for  this project’s idea.

So, as the writing of the application of the project progressed, we were certain that we would be doing something of invaluable importance for both the students, our future labour force, and the teachers in the schools, involved in the process of teaching.

When the ideas got a shape, we started looking for reliable partners, schools that share the same concern and are willing to work on a project that will be beneficial for not only the teachers and the students but for the whole community, because the young generation which is involved in the process will come out of it ready to fulfill duties with full confidence in their skillfulness.

We were lucky enough to easily find partners that understood and were more than happy to contribute to the shaping of the project idea, so we had no doubt that the project would be approved for funding by the EU Erasmus programme. The rest, as they say, is history.

While I am writing this, we were supposed to be packing our bags and prepare ourselves for a 5 –day LTT activity in Lithuania, which was supposed to be our first mobility after our start-up transnational meeting in Prilep, North Macedonia. However, we are faced with a global problem, the COVID 19 pandemic, and all our face-to-face activities have been postponed. But, we are doing lots of things that can be done online, we can reflect on the ideas that were being discussed both while the project was being prepared, and at the meeting in Prilep, so we are not wasting any time.

We are all hopeful that soon we will be able to work full force, meet and organize the teaching and training activities we had planned, fill in the missing bits in the building of strong, confident young individuals, who will be ready to contribute to the community, and become responsible, hard-working citizens of Europe.