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Meetings and Events
     We had a guided tour of the capital city of North Macedonia, Skopje, with a professional tour guide, who gave us an insight into the historical events and cultural heritage of the city. Starting from the Kale fortress, we headed down to the Old Turkish Bazaar, through the narrow cobalt streets, with their little shops of souvenirs and jewelry. After visiting the old part of Skopje, crossing the Old Bridge, we entered into the new part of the city, with its modern shops, buildings, cafes and restaurants. The tour continued to the House in the memory of Mother Teresa, who was born in Skopje, and ended with the story about the grand earthquake which struck the city in 1963, when most of the old Skopje was destroyed, and rebuilt by solidarity from all over the world. This is why, a of of names of the streets in Skopje, carry names
Stone Bridge
     A meeting at the hosting school SOU KuzmnaJosifoski-Pitu was held, where all the partners from each country gave a presentation of their country, city/town and school.
     A visit to the Gallery of Icons in Prilep was organized, with  a professional guide, who gave a detailed description of the meaning of all the icons exhibited in the gallery, some of which were up to 10 centuries old, and of the meaning of the icons to the Orthodox Christians.
      A visit to the Museum of tobacco – The town of Prilep is famous for tobacco production. One of the biggest and richest museums of tobacco in the area is the one in Prilep, containing numerous exhibits of objects connected to tobacco production, cigarette making and smoking. The professional host gave a detailed description of all the objects exhibited in the museum. In the end, we had an opportunity to try some of the products.
       We visited one local business- a textile factory for production of quilts, bed sheets, pillows and pillow cases, mattress protectors and other things for the bedroom. The choice for visiting that exact factory was the fact that the owner and founder of the business is a local woman, one of the most successful women- entrepreneurs, who is also a president of the regional Economic Chamber . She presented her business, her reasons for starting a business and the challenges they are facing, but also the idea of encouraging young people to stay in the country and start their own business at home, instead of going abroad, as the trend at the moment is.
           -A meeting at school was held where participants exchanged experiences and good practices, all organizational issues were arranged, dates for the LTTs were set, responsibilities among the partner schools were distributed and topics for the mobilities and the final products from the project were discussed.
There was an educational trip to Ohrid organized, with a guided tour of the town, visiting the old part of Ohrid, with all the significant sites of this town and the participants had an opportunity to learn about the history of this ancient town and see a lot of the cultural heritage of the town, like St Naum’s monastery, the ancient church of St. Sofia, the ancient amphitheater, the old town of Ohrid with its natural lake.
    A visit to the Bitola museum of Atatürk. The very first presentation in Bitola’s Museum connected to the famous statesman, the father of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Attaturk, dates from 1978, with the promotion of the first exhibition of photos, documents and facsimiles presenting the life and activities of the great Turkish reformer. ,He graduated from the military high school (Mektebi askeri idadi) in 1899. At that time the high school was housed in the building built for that purpose in 1848 and known as the old Bitola Barracks, where now we have the present day building of the Bitola Museum.

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