and finally we are in lithuania
Empower In Action

After more than a year and a half, our project is active and alive again! As from 27th September, we are taking part in the First short-term LTT students exchange and our host country is the partner school from Mazeikiai, Lithuania.

On day one, 27th September our hosts led us to the school's premises where we were welcomed by the students and the team of teachers from the Mazeikiai Merkelis Rackauskas Gymnasium. In the school's hall, we were welcomed by the headmistress of the school, Ms. Asta Zukauskiene and the project Lithuanian team coordinator Irena Urboniene. The students met their international friends, each student was assigned a student from the Lithuanian school to accompany them. A lovely activity of exchanging gifts followed. We enjoyed the welcoming perfomance prepared by the students from the hosting school. 

A walking tour round the school followed and we were shown all the facilities the school has.
Next, we enjoyed a geography and history lesson about Lithuania, which was a fun way of learning and getting familiarized with some interesting facts about the country.

The next activity was presenting each of the partners' country, home town and school, prepared and presented by the team of students.
Two vists followed. First was the visit to Mazeikiai Vocational School and a presentation of the cooperation between this school and Hoterma (Construction company). The second visit was to Mazeikiai Labour Market Training Centre, where we were presented the facilities and profiles they have there for building a professional career.

Back in school, the students were given an opportunity to spend time with their new friends and the teachers had  a lively discussion and presentations of Career Counselling experiences in each of the schools. Lots of similarities have been concluded as well as some differences, and the positive examples and ideas will be shared with the school administrations of each scool.

The "Morning circle" woke up the students who shared there feelings on the previous day and how they were feelung this morning. A workshop followed- Ways of thinking- students working in mixed teams on Workplace and Volunteering behaviours. They were put in a position to make decisions  on case studies.hers, and the teams of teachers had a welcoming dinner together with the team of teachers from the hosting school.

A visit to Milk Production Plant Pieno zvaigzdes (Milk Stars) followed! What a great experience it was! We had a presentation on the process of production, and had a chance to try some of their products like fruit yoghurts, cheese sticks, butter, etc. The most exciting experience was actually observing the process of butter production from scratch!

Our lovely hosts organized a trip to the nearby town, Telšiai, which is the capital of the region. It was a wonderful cultural ecperience, with a guided tour round the town, visiting some of the most important sights, buildings and monuments.

And the best thing left for last- a wokshop for students and teachers - Hard cheese "Džiugas"! We were given presentation on how they produce different types of hard cheeses, what are the specific characteristics of each, what you could combine them with- but best of all, we could try all these combinations! What an amazing experience this was!

Zoom meeting with Logan Higuera, a young entrepreneur, a founder of the company OpenOcean, The Global Entrepreneurial Ecosystem (USA) - Entrepreneurial Mindset: Recognition, Research and Refinement.

At the College in Klaipėda.

Mazeikiai Labour Market Training Cente

A theatralised and entertaining workshop "A Path of Bread on our Tables " in the Cultural Center in Urvikia

A trip in Klaipėda.

Orlen Lithuania presentation at school by the representative of the company about an oil refinery plant. Production, operations in the factory, career opportunities in the company.

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